Mineral Insulated Sensors

Thermocouples with magnesium oxide insulation are recommended where the thermocouple is immersed in liquids, high moisture, corrosive gases, or high pressure. The thermocouple can be formed to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. The magnesium oxide has a high dielectric strength, responds quickly to temperaure changes, and is very durable.

MgO insulated thermocouple wire is manufactured from premium quality wire encased in pure magnesium oxide, and processed into a chemically clean outer metal sheath. The wires are individually selected and matched, and are of uniform cross section with smooth surfaces.

MgO with Leads

Magnesium Oxide thermocouple with lead wires.

MgO Rigid Style

Magnesium Oxide rigid tube with plug and/or jack

MgO with Industrial Head

Magnesium Oxide thermocouple with Head Enclosure

MgO Junctions

Available junction styles for the MgO thermocouples

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