Industrial RTD Sensors

RTDs change resistance with temperature changes. They are more accurate than thermocouples, especially over a narrow range. Standard accuracy ratings of 0.25% and 0.10% are offered. The RTD element


  • High accuracy sensor for use in industrial and laboratory applications.


  • Very linear
  • Very stable


  • Single or Dual elements (if compatible)
  • Stripped, lugs, plug/jack, or large selection of cold end heads
  • 0.00391 Ohm/Ohm/°C or 0.00385 Ohm/Ohm/°C
  • 0.10% Class A or 0.25% Class B Accuracy
  • Flexible lead
  • Teflon or Fiberglass insulation with or without armor clad or stainless steel overbraid

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